Unlocked Love 

So after a rather shaky start to 2021, it really feels like we can plan and move forward. Spring is in the air, the sky is blue ( some days) and it is time to start planning (or re planning) your perfect ceremony. To all my couples who have had to reschedule or put original plans on hold, now is the time to finalise new dates and suppliers.

Perhaps you are now considering a smaller intimate wedding? A smaller more intimate wedding is full of love and emotion and may be perfect for you if you need to cut back on costs following furlough or a difficult year. Many couples are choosing a smaller wedding followed by a big party afterwards - and we all know everyone loves a good party.  A celebrant ceremony is perfect for a small gathering as it is intimate and bespoke.  Remember a celebrant led wedding can be held anywhere. your venue does not need to be licenced - back garden anyone?

Perhaps you still want the wedding day you have always dreamed of and planned with all your family and friends surrounding you? Choose or rebook your venue and book your celebrant in plenty of time.


It looks like 2021 and 2022 are going to be really busy years for celebrations - and I can't wait! Although dates are booking up fast, don't panic. A celebrant can deliver your ceremony any day of the week at any time so there is often availability if you avoid the busy days. What about a Sunday afternoon  - take the Monday off!